Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Deltran Battery Tender Extends Your Battery's Life


  1. Actual experience: We pulled into a parking lot and I left my 2004 Camry headlights on. After several hours, we returned only to find that our battery was dead! (Turning the ignition resulted in a clicking noise only.) So, I got a jump and headed home. I put my 6 year-old battery up for a charge. It was September and I was hoping it would prepare the battery for the upcoming cold winter. Well, the charge worked fine and it has done well in very cold weather. This charger has saved me more batteries than I can count. I'm not sure why more people don't own this charger. If you want to show appreciation for my helpful blogs/vlogs, please click the Amazon links to do so! It's much appreciated and I hope to continue to provide practical videos and blogs that help with everyday life. After all, things are expensive today and anytime you can save a dime (actually many dollars!), it's well worth it. Thank you and feel free to share these helpful blogs/vlogs on your social media accounts.